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"We’ve been very toasty. It’s funny...I keep waiting for the heat to go on like before, but it’s this nice constant warmth......Thanks again!!"

-  Kat V. // Denver, CO

It all started because I wanted an energy-efficient way to keep the pool warm. I explored all the different options available, and I settled on solar. Because we had so many parts, I wanted to make standard rules about the temperatures at which certain things occur. Given the solar resources and geo and natural-gas boiler, I wanted to determine when certain components go on and off to make the system the most energy-efficient. Because the Network System is object-oriented, we can make a change to any device based on the input of any other device. Having Internet accessibility is the best feature of all. I look at my system on a daily basis – whether I’m at home or away. I look at the heat coming off the solar panels, check to see how long the boiler’s been running, observe the outside temperature and monitor the swimming pool temperature. It’s nice to be able to track all of that in real time.

-  Tim M. // Parker, CO

My wife and I were very pleased with the project that Energy Environmental Corporation completed for our home. They did an exceptional job of communicating with us throughout the entire installation process, beginning with an explanation of how various integrated systems could work for OUR home, continuing with how such systems would be installed over what period of time, and ending with an explanation of how our chosen system should be maintained over time. We are quite happy with the integrated heating and cooling system that we have in place for our home now, and it has been a pleasure working with the professional team at Energy Environmental Corporation on follow-up and maintenance issues for our system. We plan to utilize them again in the future as our desires to further "green" our home arise.

-  Will & Jenny M. // Golden, CO

Thanks for the fine job you did on the solar thermal installation completed at our home. We selected your company to do this work because you offered to help us with several other issues in our mechanical room. From the beginning it was clear that you and your staff paid attention to details that made our installation unique and challenging. We are quite pleased with the job you did, and feel the total cost was fair. We have received our rebate from Recharge Colorado, and anticipate a tax credit. We will be happy to describe our experiences to others who may be interested.

-  William & Samera B. // Castle Rock, CO

Our newly installed Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) system is working great for both heating and cooling. And there is no longer a noisy A/C unit outside our dining room window, just a quiet compressor unit in the basement that we can't even hear. Although the GHP can be used as a stand-alone system to replace one's natural gas furnace, we are powering the GHP with our solar photovoltaic panels. The 30% federal tax credit is obviously an added bonus.

-  Milt H. // Centennial, CO

We are slowly figuring out what the heating temperature should be set at. We have been setting the temp. as if it were our old system. This system is so efficient, we can set the temp. down to 64 degrees during the day and 57 at night and still be very comfortable.

-  William S. // Broomfield, CO

Just letting you know we have heat! Lots and lots of heat. Nice, silent beautiful warmth. Thank you so much for all your help.

-  Melissa F. // Wellington, CO