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Renewable Energy Systems for Contractors, Builders, and Architects

The US residential construction industry has been in a downturn for the past five years. Unfortunately, no one can accurately predict when the industry will recover. The new construction slump does, however, provide an exciting opportunity for retrofitting existing buildings with renewable heating and cooling systems.

Energy Environmental Corporation believes the highest impact a design professional can make on the energy performance, comfort, and safety of the homeowner is to take a holistic approach to integrated architecture.  Building professionals design, implement, and maintain affordable renewable technology systems into building designs in the planning stage, under construction or retrofit.  These holistic systems deliver high energy efficiency, superior indoor air quality, and unparalleled occupant comfort.  As a partner in the integrated design/build team, EEC mitigates the risks associated with environmentally responsible projects. EEC’s participation can increase a client’s top line through increased scope of sales, and improve the bottom line by value engineering the most cost-effective solution to meet client needs. 

EEC’s employees have delivered “High-Performance Systems for Low-Energy Homes” seminars to hundreds of design and construction professionals throughout the United States.  These seminars provide valuable industry knowledge and insight to architects, engineers, and contractors.

Benefits for Professionals

Key benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs):

GSHPs save money as a result of:

Green environmental benefits of GSHPs: