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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines for Your Home

We have all felt the power of the wind on a blustery day. It’s all around us, freely available for our use and has the ability to create electricity.  Small residential wind turbines harness the wind’s energy to power your home, reduce pollution, lower electric bills and decrease our country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. The opportunity to harness the power of wind for your home is right in your backyard.

Wind power for homes connected to a utility electric grid will reduce the amount of electricity consumed, and in some cases, put electric back into the grid. Off-grid wind turbines are solutions for remote cabins, ranches or farms which do not have access to utility power.

Residential wind turbines are small electric generators with blades mounted on a tower. Power is fed into an inverter then into your home’s existing breaker panel. A small residential wind turbine can be installed on your property in just a few weeks without major construction or changes to your home. Typical installations require lot sizes of one acre or more, a minimum average wind speed of 8 mph, a tower at least 20 feet higher than anything within a 200 foot radius and no zoning restrictions.

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