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Solar Thermal

Residential Solar Thermal Installation

Solar thermal hot water systems can be an energy efficient way to generate hot water for your home. Solar DHW systems are comprised of two major components – solar thermal energy collectors, located on the roof, and storage tanks. There are two basic types of solar DHW heating systems – active (with circulating pumps and controls) and passive (without pumps).

A well-insulated water storage tank is a primary requirement for a solar DHW system. Solar storage tanks have an additional outlet and inlet connected to and from the solar panel. Single tank systems include a back-up heater in the solar storage tank. Two-tank systems use the solar water heater to preheat the water before it enters the conventional tank.

There are two types of active solar water heating systems used in residential DHW systems:

  1. Direct circulation systems – Pumps circulate household water through the collectors and into the water tank. They work best in climates where it does not freeze.
  2. Indirect circulation systems – Pumps circulate a non-freezing, heat-transfer fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger. This heats the water that then flows into the home. They are popular in climates prone to freezing temperatures.

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