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Radiant Comfort

Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

Radiant floor heating is one of the oldest forms of heating a building, dating back to Roman times. In a radiant floor system, heated or chilled water flows through tubes located underneath the floor. Radiant is compatible with most types of floor covering —wood, slate, tile, linoleum and carpet, although the latter is not as efficient as a “hard” surface.

Water circulating in a radiant floor system can transport 3,500 times more energy than air. Radiant systems heat or cool your home with less energy than forced-air systems. Additionally, a radiant heating and radiant cooling system works in multiple zones allowing each room to be set at different temperatures. Chilly rooms, such as bathrooms, basements and entryways can receive more heat while rooms with occasional use such as a guest room, can be set lower making the radiant system even more energy-efficient.

Radiant heating and radiant cooling systems provide:

Radiant floor systems keep the heat close to where people are located compared to forced air systems.

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