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Renewable Energy Systems for Your Home

Do you live in a “Goldilocks house” where some parts are too hot while others are too cold?  Do you find that you or your family’s allergy symptoms have increased in the past ten years?  Are you tired of paying high utility bills?  Is your heating, cooling or hot water (HVAC) system creating toxic emissions in your home?  Do you think the cost of the installation and maintenance of a renewable energy system for your home is too high?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we may be able to help.  Energy Environmental Corporation (EEC) is a regional leader delivering sustainable heating and cooling systems which are healthy, comfortable, and affordable for our residential clients.

The benefits of switching from an ordinary HVAC system to a renewable, energy efficient system include:

Increased comfort and indoor environmental quality

Our sustainable zoned technology provides heating and cooling that can be adjusted for each room – no more cold drafty rooms or over-heated spaces. Quiet running heat pumps replace noisy inefficient furnace blowers, motors, belts and fans.   By reducing air flow velocity and filtering return air, we minimize airborne particulates contributing to dust and allergies.

Protection from Natural Gas Hazards

The winter heating season keeps fire departments busy.   The number one reason for 911 calls to fire departments is a response to carbon monoxide alarms.  While the Environmental Protection Agency and many homeowners consider low levels of carbon monoxide acceptable, we don’t. Our geothermal and solar systems burn no fossil fuels and create no toxic exhaust emissions.  You sleep well … safely.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Bills

Clients report energy savings as high as 60%, and most see at least a 30% reduction in their utility bills. Propane users have seen up to 70% reduction in their utility bills by switching to a ground source (geothermal) heat pump.   To calculate your potential energy savings and receive a quote customized to your home, CLICK HERE.

Your entire system may be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit in addition to other incentives

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Extended warranties well beyond the industry standard.

Geothermal component warranties range from 10 to 50 years.  Solar, wind, and renewable energy system warranties start at 5 years.  Heat pumps have lower total lifecycle costs than most HVAC systems.  Comfort lasts a lifetime.

We offer same-as-cash financing for qualified buyers

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Utility rebates may also be available in addition to Federal Tax Credits

CLICK HERE for more information on Xcel Energy's available rebates.