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Colorado Geothermal Solutions

Increase your home’s comfort and safety while reducing your energy consumption.

Energy Environmental Corporation (EEC) is Colorado’s leading service provider of sustainable geothermal heating and cooling systems for both new construction and existing homes. EEC has proven experience in the design and installation of all of the following systems: advanced building science, geothermal, solar thermal, radiant heating, radiant cooling, integrated advanced BACnet controls, and renewable on-site power generation with solar photovoltaic and small wind turbines.


Outstanding comfort

EEC’s geothermal systems deliver the highest comfort and indoor air quality.  Zoned systems provide precise heating and cooling distribution and superior humidity control.  Gone are the uneven temperatures and dryness associated with ordinary furnaces.

Safe and clean

The absence of flames, fuels, odors, or carbon monoxide fires in a geothermal systems significantly reduces fire hazards.   High-efficiency air filters remove dust, pollens, and airborne allergens. 

Quiet operation

The hydronic circulators, variable-speed fans, and super-efficient compressors operate so quietly that clients find themselves checking to make sure their system is indeed running.


Geothermal component warranties range from ten to fifty years. Solar, wind, and renewable energy system warranties start at five years.

Lower operating costs

Integrated systems move energy where it is needed: geothermal and solar thermal systems heat and cool 70% more efficiently than ordinary systems.  Hydronic heating and cooling systems use up to 90% less energy and with lower maintenance costs than comparable forced-air systems.

Environmentally friendly

EEC’s systems harness the free renewable energies of the sun and earth for heating and cooling.  The ground is a renewable, non-depleting energy source that absorbs 47% of the sun’s heat. Replacing your existing fossil fuel system with a geothermal system equates to the environmental benefits of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road.